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Auckland, New Zealand

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Auckland from volcano, Mt Eden

Auckland Harbor

Muriwai Beach, Gannets, (white dots are birds)

On Friday Dec. 12 we drove into Auckland, and stopped at the 2 large volcano hills: One Tree Hill and Mt Eden.   Auckland is on top of a number of volcanoes.  We then drove past our hotel and headed north to Devonport, to check it out for Sunday.  It is a nice beach suburb, with lots of shops and restaurants.  We plan to take the ferry there on Sunday before we head to the airport.  The ferry terminal was across the street from our hotel.We then headed to the West coast to the Muriwai Beach.  The AAA guide said that it was beautiful and had a large breeding area for the Gannet, a bird similar to the sea gull.  It took about 1 hour to get there.  It was misting when we got there.  The beach and cliffs were beautiful.  I Walked down to the rocks.  We then drove to the Gannet area.  There was a large rock covered with Gannets.  I walked up to an overlook. I got to stand within 6 feet of some of the birds.  We then headed back to the Hotel in Auckland.   On Saturday, we went on the Harbor cruise at 10:30 am.   We made a 10 minute stop at Rangitoto Island.  This is a pure volcano island.  It was formed about 600 years ago after a new eruption opened up in the harbor.  It contains no natural soil, but is totally covered with lava, brush and Pohutukawa trees also called a New Zealand Christmas Tree.  There are 47 volcanoes on Auckland. We then drove through the downtown area, by the City Hall and the locally famous Santa Clause statue on a department store.  It has been there for many years and it was determined that its $35,000 annual cost was too much, but the public spoke and it will continue for many more years. That night we went to Victoria Park to see the electronic Christmas tree, which is about 50 feet high.  On Sunday, we checked out of the hoteland and took the 15 minute ferry to Devonport. The ferry trip was free and included with our harbor cruise of Saturday.   We had a nice lunch and took the ferry back.   We got picked up by the airport shuttle at 4 pm, for our 7:30 flight to LA  

Our first meal in Australia was a McDonald’s cheeseburger and out last meal in New Zealand was a Whopper.


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Muriwai beach.

Muriwai beach.

Muriwai beach.

Gannet nesting area.

Gannet nesting area.

Gannet nesting area.

Ferry Terminal, across from our hotel.

Tall Ship

Rangitoto Island volcano.

Auckland Harbor.


Victoria Park Christmas Tree.

Victoria Park Christmas Tree.

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