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Asia 2002

In March 2002, we took a 3 week trip to Asia.  This was a test vacation for us.  We had 2 standby airline tickets on Northwest Airlines, a week time share reservation at a hotel in Singapore and 4 days clothes in 2 small roll-on suitcases and 2 small day packs.  It was a great success even with 4 days clothes.  We went for a week and stayed 3 weeks. 

The fun started in Minneapolis.  Our 747 bound for Tokyo, took off and after a few minutes, there was a loud bang.  I then noticed that the plane was not climbing.  After a while the pilot told us that the plane had lost an engine.  After dumping a lot of fuel, we landed back in Minneapolis.  We then were moved to another waiting 747.  We then took off and were told that a couple of passengers decided not to board but that their luggage was on the plane.  So back we went so that their luggage could be removed.  We finally took off, but 5 hours late. 

Because Dave is a Continental Airlines employee, we get flying privileges as his parents.  We even were moved up to First Class for the 12 hour trip to Tokyo.  Our flight was scheduled to continue on to Singapore so we were booked on First Class for that leg.

When we got to Narita, being 5 hours late, all connecting flights had left, including our flight to Singapore. The regular passengers were given new flights then next morning and hotel vouchers.  Being standby passengers, we had to wait for the next night's flight to Singapore, which would hopefully have seats available for us.  We also had to find our own hotel.  We were pleasantly surprised the get a good hotel for about $80.

The next day were walked around Narita Japan and visited an outdoor museum with dozens of temples and shrines.  We really enjoyed our one day visit.  That night we caught our 8 hour flight to Singapore.

We stayed the 3 weeks in Singapore.  From Singapore we made side trips to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Our return trip was also interesting.  We did not realize that we would be returning Easter week.  We had no trouble getting to Tokyo.  Our flight continued on to Minneapolis, but it was also full.  There were 5 other flights from Tokyo to the U.S.  We did manage to get on a flight to San Francisco, but were stuck for 12 hours in the center of the five seat section in coach. This flight also went on to Minneapolis, but was also full.  Jeff's sister Janica came for a short visit to the San Francisco airport before our flight. We did get the last flight from San Francisco to Minneapolis. We missed our connection to Colorado Springs, so we spent the night in Minneapolis.

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