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We lived in Germany from 1978 to 1986, and  from 1993 to 1997.  During those periods, we made many short trips to Austria. In August 1979, we made a camping trip to the Salzburg region.  In February 1983, we spent a ski week in Kirschdorf.  In September 1994, we spent a week in the town of Spitze on the Danube river.

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1979 Boys in Halstatt, a mountain town on a beautiful lake near Salzburg.

1979, Boys at Innsbruck olympic site, in a bobsled.

1983. Jeff and Jan in front of Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg.

1983. A fantastic 12 foot wood carving in a Austrian village.

1994. Jan at an Austrian village at a cattle herding celebration. In the fall, many villages celebrate the end of summer by decorating the cows.

1994 Jeff and Jan at the Melk Cloister, near the Danube river.

1994. a village on the danube river.

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