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Bermuda Cruise 2010

Jeff & Jan in Hamilton Bermuda

On May 30, 2010, we took a one week cruise out of Manhattan to Bermuda on Holland America Cruise ship the Veendam. On the cruise with us were the Boston group: Janís Brother, Donald and his wife Becky, Janís cousin Linda and her husband Paul, Lindaís friend Pat Shea and  Rona Moriarty from Guernsey Island in the UK who has cruised with Linda and Paul many times.   We went to Bermuda in 1967, a year after we got married.

On Saturday, May 29th we flew to Newark.  We had an 11:30am flight from Colorado Springs to Chicago.  The flight, which was full, loaded on time but then the fun began. The captain, who should be fired, announced that the plane was overweight and 8 people would have to get off before we could take off.  In Colorado it is common for flights to be weight restricted, because of the heat and altitude.  It was supposed to be over 90 that day.  The weight problem should have been calculated before we loaded the plane.  The poor gate attendant was now responsible to get 8 people off in a very short time.  I got off with my papers along with a few others.  I needed to get to Newark, a major city, that day.  Many others wanted connecting flight to minor cities, a much bigger problem. I handed my schedule to the gate attendant and even though I was not the first off, I was the first processed.  After about 45 minutes the mess was straightened out.  United Airlines put Jan and I, along with another young man, on a taxi ($250) to Denver airport.  We also now had $800 in United Airlines coupons.  We did not buy the tickets for this trip, we cashed in frequent flyer miles.  We arrived at Newark at midnight about 1.5 hours later than our original schedule. When we got to our hotel (Ramada Inn) that we had booked earlier for  $75. all they had were smoking rooms, not wanting to give us one of those the Manager upgraded us to the Sheridan  next door.

The next morning, we took the airport shuttle back to Newark Airport and booked a Super Shuttle for $33 to the Manhattan Cruise port.  We got to pier at about 12:30 pm.  We had a great sunny, warm view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty on our way out of NYC.  Jan's family from Boston arrived on board about 2 hours after we boarded. 

The second day, Monday, the cruise was at sea and a quiet day.  The third day, Tuesday, the ship anchored off shore near the town of St. George.  We had to take a 30 minute ferry ride to the island.  We decide to rent motor scooters for the day and tour the island.  Bermuda is a string of many islands with bridges connecting the inhabited islands.  We were almost to the other end, when it happened!!  I came around a corner and there was a car stopped in the road. I don't remember exactly what happened but the next moment, I was lying on the ground and the motor scooter was lying on my right foot.  It hurt like hell.  I started yelling.  "Get it off of my foot."  Jan was behind me and could stop in time.  She pulled around me and dropped her scooter and lifted the scooter off of me. Two ladies in the first car behind us got out to help.  After I got to my feet, I could stand on the right foot, but I had a mild sprain, a scrape on my right knee and a small cut on my left shin.  I was very lucky.  Jan said that I saw the stopped car and tried to stop, but fell over to my right.  It is my right knee that has the previous problem with the torn meniscus and ruptured Bakers cyst.  The knee was bruised also.  It hurt but I could ride successfully.  The scooter was scratched and the mirror was cracked.  I figured that we just bought the $200 deductable.  We continued on our way.  After another 15 minutes, I decided that we should head back because of the pain.

When we arrived back at St George, the rental people were very concerned with my accident and did not charge us for the minor damage.  I limped over to a waterfront restaurant and I had a beer, while we waited for the next ferry.  Back in our room, I had prepared for pain.  Because of my knee pain, I had brought my folding cane and a lot of Percocet.  I had a peaceful Percocet night.

The fourth day, Wednesday, the ship moved from St George to Hamilton.  I decided to rest my wounds so that I could visit the Wednesday night street market.  We sat on deck chairs and had a good easy day.   On Thursday I was feeling better.  We took the ferry to the Dockyards, the old navy base, which has been converted to museums and shops.  This is the area, where the larger cruise ships dock.  We took the bus back to Hamilton.  On Friday, my ankle was much better, so I took a walk around Hamilton prior to our sailing at 1pm.   On Saturday, we continued sailing back to NYC. I went for a walk around deck 6, the walking loop.  Each loop is 1/4 mile.  I did five laps, and decided that my ankle and knee had had enough.

On Sunday we disembarked at 8:30 am.  We then took a taxi to the Circle line pier. We took a three hour harbor cruise around Manhattan. It was again a perfect day and we really enjoyed the trip.   We had reserved a Super Shuttle to pick us up from the Harbor cruise pier.  It was Sunday and NYC traffic was very light.  We got to the airport about 3 hours before our flight. At 5:45 pm, we flew home.  While at Newark Airport, I called my son Dave, the Continental pilot, who fly's out of Newark.  There was a slim change that he too was also at the airport and we could meet, but it didnít happen.  When I told him about the motor scooter injury and he told me that cruises are dangerous trips for us.  On a Caribbean cruise I severely cut my hand at a Jamaican waterfall.  Maybe he is right.

The cruise was a lot of fun. Bermuda is a beautiful island nation with colorful houses with whitewashed roofs which are used for collecting water when it rains.  It is an expensive place to live.  Everything comes from the US, about 600 miles away.  Gasoline is about $7.50 per gallon.  My only regret was not going to the beach to get my annual ocean swim.  It was a small ship, about 1200 passengers but its benefit is that it is the only ship that docks on the pier in Hamilton.  We really enjoyed hanging out with the Boston group. 

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Jeff & Jan

NYC Harbor

Statten Island Ferry

Linda and Paul

Donald and Becky

Rona and Pat at dinner

At Dinner

Ms Veendam

A local character

Pat, Rona, Donald.Becky, Linda, Paul, Jan & Jeff

Rugged coast

Jan on her Scotter

Small harbor

Beautiful beaches

Jan and the police


Our crew shopping at the dockyards


colorful houses

Linda and Pat on a Breast Cancer fund raiser walk

Paul and Rona on a Breast Cancer fund raiser walk


View of Hamilton from the ship

Colorful houses

Where we spent a lot of time

At dinner with chef's hats

Statue of Liberty

Veendam at dockside


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