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Costa Rica

We arrived in Punteranas 7:00 am on Sunday January 16, 2005 and departed at 7:00 pm..  We took a private tour of a rain forest park, the countryside and ended up in the town of Sarchi, which is famous for its hand painted ox carts.  Out tour guide, Mauricio has a large telescope from which we viewed the wildlife up close.  We put our digital camera lens into the telescope eye piece and focused the image using the digital display on the camera.

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Tug boat pushing ship

Macaws, as seen through a telescope

Sloth as seen through a telescope

Village park where the sloths were seen

Iguana, as seen through a telescope

Termite nest. About 2 feet tall

Crocodiles seen from a bridge

River with crocodiles

Our tour guide, Mauricio with his telescope

Ants carrying leaves

Jan by tree

Rain forest top

Jan holding a Tucan

Blue flower

Coffee Plantation


Bird through telescope.

Our tour guide Mauricio Vasquez and his uncle who was the driver

Coffee Plantation

Flower garden

Hand painted ox cart from the town of Sarchi


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