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We lived in Heidelberg Germany from 1978 to 1986.  We returned to Germany in 1993 and lived 2 years in Augsburg and 2 years in Mainz. 

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1979. Greg sitting on post in Rothenburg.

1979. Boys at Dachau concentration camp near Munich.

1979. Family on train at salt mine tour in Berchtesgaden. Jeff in at the blue/red sign split. The family is in front of him.

1979 Bob sled run in Berchtesgaden.

1979 Jan and boys at entrance to Neuschwanstein castle.

1979 Boys at Castle Linderhof.

1979 Boys at Munich lions.

1979. Family at Hofbrau beer garden in Munich.

1980 Check Point Charlie sign in West Berlin.

1980 Jan and Boys at Check Point Charlie in West Berlin.

1980. Family and Jeff's mom, Virginia, in front of Russian memorial in East Berlin.

1980. Greg at Pied Piper statue in Hamlin.

1981. Burg Elz castle entrance, on Mosel river. Jeff's favorite castle.

1981. Oberamagau hotel.

1982. Inside beer hall at Oktoberfest.

1982. Toilet sign at Oktoberfest.

1983. Jeff in Augsburg.

1984. Jan at Roman tower in Trier.

1984. Swis marching band in Heidelberg.

1984. Jan at Eaglesnest summit in Berchesgarten.

1985 Rotweil Narensprung (Fools Jump) parade.

1985 Heidelberg castle.

1986. Jan on main street in Heidelberg.

1989. Jeff and Jan by old hotel.

1989. Jan by Heidleberg castle.

1989. Jan on Rudesheim street.

1989. Jeff and Jan on Mosel river.

1994. Jan on main square in Augsburg.

1994. Jan at Herrenchiemsee castle.

1994. Jeff at Herrenchiemsee castle.

1994. Greg and Jen at Linderhof castle.

1994. Jan, Greg and Jen at Oberamagau hotel.

1994. Jeff in Dresden.

1994. Jan at summit of Zugspitz mountain.

1994. Jan by hay statue in Bavaria.

1995. Frog crossing sign near Heidelberg.

1995. Jan riding bicycle on Mosel river. One day per year the river road is closed to cars and for bicycles only.

1996. Jeff riding bicycle on Rhine river. One day per year the river road is closed to cars and for bicycles only.

1996. Jan by worlds largest Nutcracker in Black Forest.

1999. Easter tree in Bavaria village.

2001. Jan on Rhine river.

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