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We lived in Germany from 1978 to 1986 and 1993 to 1997.  During those periods, we made many trips to The Netherlands.   Most people use Holland and Netherlands to mean the same thing, but actually Holland is a province of the Netherlands.

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1979. Boys at Kinderdike, with it's 19 original windmills

1979. Boys at the island of Marken gift shop.

1979. Boys at Kuekenhof tulip garden.

1980. Boys at bell tower in Utrecht.

1980. Greg and Russ in Edam.

1984. Jan in Amsterdam.

1991. Castle De Haar.

1991. Jan behind a real Dutch door.

1991. Jeff at Muiderslot castle.

1991. Jan in wooden shoes in Alkmaar.

1991. Locals in costume at Alkmaar.

1991. Lady seller at the famous cheese market in Alkmaar.

1991. Cheese carriers at the famous cheese market in Alkmaar.

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