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In March 2002, we took a 3 week trip to Asia.  We visited Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  While in Singapore, we made side trips to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  Singapore was our home base and each time we returned, we felt like we were coming home.  Singapore is a very clean, safe and beautiful place.

See Asia 2002 for more trip details.

We arrived in Singapore about 2 a.m.  We took a taxi to a hotel that I had booked on the internet.  We had planned to stay 2 nights at this hotel but only stayed one night.  The next morning we went to our time share hotel.  The Hotel Amara is a first class business hotel.  Our accommodations were 2 connecting rooms. It didn't have a kitchen but we got a tea pot and dishes for breakfasts.

We had a great week touring Singapore.  It is a beautiful, safe and clean country. Singapore is noted for its out door food courts called "Hawker Centers".  The food which is mostly Chinese, is cheap and excellent.  However, we found that you could eat in an air conditioned food court for a couple of dollars more and worth the extra money.  We went to a small island by old but interesting ferry boats.  We rented bicycles and rode across the island.

We used Singapore as our base camp and took trips from there. We took a one day boat trip to the Indonesian island of Bataam.  We spent 6 nights in Malaysia.  Flying in that part of Asia is very cheap.  We bought plane tickets for a next day flight to Penang, a Malaysian island.  The tickets were about $120 each, one way. We also made a 3 day trip to Bangkok Thailand.  Each time we returned to Singapore and felt like we were coming home.

See Asia 2002 for more trip details.

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2002. China town festival.

2002. China town festival.

2002. China town festival.

2002. Indian temple.

2002. Jan in Trishaw.

2002. Jeff in Trishaw.

2002. Jan on Bum boat, the traditional boat transportation.

2002. Ferry to the island of Pula Ubin.

2002. Jan on Bike on the island of Pula Ubin.

2002. Subway, spotlessly clean.


Indian temple

Botanical gardens

Pula Ubin ferry

Singapore river

Singapore lion


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