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In 2015, we visited friends in Tampa and mad a day trip to St Augustine.

In 2005, we stayed a couple of days in Ft Lauderdale after our Panama Canal Cruise.

In 2002, we spent 2 weeks on Florida.

In 1992, we visited the Culclasure family in Tampa and saw the shuttle liftoff.

In 1974, Jeff worked for 2 weeks at the Martin Marietta facility on Orlando.

In 1969, we made a trip from Boston to Florida.  We spent a week in Florida.

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March 2007 Biltmore hotel, Miami

March 2007 Jan at South Beach cafe.

January 2005 Ft Lauderdale canal.

January 2005 Jeff at Ft Lauderdale canal.

January 2005. Ft Lauderdale Canal.

February 2002. South Beach.

February 2002. Airboat on everglades.

February 2002. Jan by Corel Gables pool.

February 2002. Jan and Jeff at southern most point in US in Key West.

February 2002. Jan and Jeff , sunset in Key West.

February 2002. Cape Kennedy.

January 1992. Space shuttle takeoff.

March 1974. Jeff at Disneyworld.

September 1969. Dave and Russ at Lion Country safari, Miami.

September 1969. Jan, Dave and Russ at Cape Kennedy

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