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New York

In 1999, we made a 5 month trip from our old home in Huntington Beach CA to our new/old home in Colorado Springs. We left our household goods and took off for 5 months to the end of Nova Scotia, to Savannah and back to Colorado Springs.  We stopped in NY for a few days.

In 1970 we moved from Boston to Colorado Springs.  We drove through New York, across Canada to Detroit and through Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  We spend a couple of days in Rapid City.

In 1964, Jeff and Jan visited the New York Worlds Fair site for a day.  We took the train from Boston.

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July 1999. Ellis Island, NYC.

July 1999. Jan in front of the Statue of Liberty, NYC.

July 1999. Jan on buss by Rockerfeller Plaza, NYC.

July 1999. Jeff and Jan on top of World Trade Center, NYC

July 1999. Seaport village, NYC

July 1999. Jeff and Jan by Vanderbilt Mansion. Hyde Park

July 1999. Vanderbilt Mansion. Hyde Park

July 1999. West Point.

July 1999. Thousand Islands.

Jan on tandem bike on Eirie Canal near Rochester.

July 1986. Jeff at Niagara Falls.

July 1970. Boys at Niagara Falls.

July 1970. Niagara Falls.

September 1964. Jan at NY Worlds Fair.

September 1964. Jeff at NY Worlds Fair.

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